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Life Sciences

Guiding strategies for innovation and health in the sector 

Life Sciences is a dynamic and fast-growing area that encompasses human and animal health, sectors with high growth potential. This area also comes with significant legal and regulatory challenges that require specialized approaches from highly skilled professionals. 

With vast experience and a multidisciplinary team, FAS Advogados is well-equipped to assist investors, healthcare service companies, food and beverage companies, personal care and hygiene product manufacturers, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical industries, medical device manufacturers, pharmacy chains and drugstores, fertilizer and agricultural chemical manufacturers, seed and seedling producers, products and inputs, and those operating in the field of digital health. 

Our approach is focused on the specific needs of each client, seeking strategic solutions aligned with their business and regulatory goals. We are committed to providing high-quality, agile, results-oriented service that supports the growth and sustainability of companies in this sector.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Preventive, administrative, and/or judicial action on issues related to damages caused by defective or inherently risky products (product liability)
  • Active legal advisory in the organization of recall campaigns for various products, taking into account the specificities of each regulatory agency, as well as handling administrative and litigation matters related to consumer defense or regulatory inquiries
  • Consultative, administrative, or judicial action related to the provision of services and/or the manufacture, sale, and import of regulated products at various levels of government
  • Consultancy, administrative action, and judicial action in related administrative issues involving bodies such as INMETRO, IPEMs, and CONAR
  • Legal advice on participation in various stages of tenders, as well as during the execution of administrative contracts, including assistance in drafting contract amendments and defending against contractual and administrative penalties 
  • Advisory on digital health initiatives, including consultancy related to the protection of health data and compliance with applicable regulations, telemedicine, the Internet of Things (IoT), discount programs, and new payment models
  • Legal advice on issues related to the protection of consumer, patient, and physician data
  • Consultancy, administrative action, and judicial action on issues and fines imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and other phytosanitary defense authorities
  • Legal advice on the structuring of projects, product launches, and promotional campaigns involving products subject to ANVISA and Ministry of Agriculture regulations
  • Legal advice in the area of trademarks and patents
  • Assistance in M&A processes, joint ventures, and foreign investments in the sector

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