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Innovative advocacy for a constantly changing digital ecosystem

We provide comprehensive legal advice to meet the regulatory and transactional needs of our clients, both in national and international operations. Our multidisciplinary team, dedicated exclusively to the digital ecosystem, innovation, media, telecommunications, and entertainment, offers customized, high-quality solutions aligned with the demands of this dynamic market. 

We operate in various areas, including telecommunications solutions and infrastructure, mobile and fixed services, satellites, sports betting regulation, sports, games, e-Sports, the film and music industry, NFTs, pay-TV and broadcasting, theater, press, advertising, social networks, streaming, video on demand (VoD), entertainment brands, consumer products, and many others. 

We bridge the creativity of our clients with regulations, providing comprehensive support to ensure their operations comply with the ever-changing legal and competitive requirements in the digital ecosystem. 

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Consultancy for Telecommunications products and services, development of new solutions, private networks, neutral network contracting, authorization acquisition, licensing of stations and poles, development and contracting of cloud and edge computing solutions, data centers, and satellites
  • Administrative proceedings at ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency), ANCINE (National Film Agency), and TMT issues at CADE (Brazilian Competition Authority)
  • Strategic support and advocacy plan definition in bill projects, sectoral regulation at ANATEL, ANCINE, Ministries, and Congress
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating content production contracts, licensing of national and foreign content, licensing of programming channels, video on demand content, content management platforms (CDN)
  • Consultancy in digital marketing, including privacy-related issues, insights into advertising technology tools, drafting terms for buying and selling programmatic ADS
  • Legal assistance in matters related to advertising campaigns and marketing actions, advertisements, and event productions, sweepstakes, or prize competitions. We have extensive experience in both ATL (Above The Line) and BTL (Below The Line)
  • Legal feasibility, risk analysis, and support in creating new product or business models, such as the use of blockchain technology, token issuance (including NFTs), and data utilization in products and services, particularly in open data initiatives
  • Legal feasibility studies and risk analysis of innovation (process or technology), such as digital signatures, biometrics, facial recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Specialized local legal assistance for startups and technology companies (legaltechs, fintechs, edtechs, medtechs, among others)

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