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FAS Advogados announces a new partner in the Electric Energy expertise

Elise Calixto, with deep knowledge of the electrical sector and over 15 years of experience advising national and foreign companies, is the new partner responsible for the Energy practice at FAS Advogados, in cooperation with CMS.

Paulo Focaccia, Managing Partner of the firm, highlights that the new partner's extensive experience includes involvement in complex and prominent cases, where she advised significant players during the numerous changes that the market has faced in recent years. "Elise has been particularly notable in advocating for companies in the areas of energy generation, distribution, transmission, and commercialization in administrative, judicial, and arbitral proceedings. Additionally, she has provided consultancy services to companies, offering detailed analyses of contracts and regulatory issues, as well as legal-regulatory advice in the implementation of energy projects," he adds.

According to Focaccia, the strengthening of the area is due to the energy sector being in turmoil due to the prospect of a significant increase in installed energy generation capacity, with substantial growth in renewable sources beyond hydroelectric. This scenario brings challenges in connecting these ventures. "The interaction between different segments of the sector presents challenges in reconciling claims and understanding the impact of decisions in the energy market," explains Elise. She further notes that stakeholders in this field face specific regulations under constant review, in addition to the principles and rules of Public and Private Law, requiring a broad and deep analysis to define regular conduct and identify opportunities.

In this context, the need for a specialized area becomes evident. Moreover, according to the new partner, various high-impact Bills, which may be passed in the coming months, address rules for granting incentives, expanding access to the free energy market, changes for MMGD ventures, offshore wind farms, hydrogen production, among others. The more assertive role of the TCU regarding the activities of Aneel also impacts the risk analysis of projects in operation. These factors indicate significant investments in the sector, accompanied by legislative and regulatory changes.

Elise holds a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo, with specializations in Business Administrative Law from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and in Legal Reasoning Law from Harvard Extension School. Her work has been recognized by leading legal directories in Brazil and worldwide, such as Chambers and Partners Global, Chambers and Partners Brazil, and Análise Advocacia.

"I am very confident and prepared for the challenge of developing the Energy area and found in FAS a firm not only with the same ambition to serve clients with excellence but also with a culture of respect and cooperation among professionals and towards clients. Our experience and global vision will allow us to be a facilitating team for new businesses, presenting different options based on what has already been and is being practiced in more mature markets," highlights Elise.

"In addition to her exceptional experience, Elise has demonstrated great synergy and alignment with the culture and values of FAS. Undoubtedly, she will add a lot to a team already accustomed to seeking excellence in everything it does," concludes Focaccia.