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Trust and excellence in securities solutions

We provide our clients with a highly specialized team, widely recognized for its technical expertise in regulatory matters and public offerings of securities in domestic and international capital markets. 

Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the specific sectors in which each client operates, enabling us to offer precise guidance tailored to find the best solution for each case. Among our clients are investment banks, securities brokers and dealers, Brazilian publicly and privately held companies, foreign companies from various sectors of the economy, market infrastructures, crowdfunding platforms, securitization companies, as well as fund managers and administrators. 

We maintain a close, trust-based relationship that allows us to establish long-term partnerships and respond with agility in providing high-quality services, especially in complex and challenging situations. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Regulatory advisory in the development of structures and products regulated by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)
  • Regulatory compliance, including control structuring, process auditing, and specific topic training
  • IPOs (initial public offerings) and follow-ons (subsequent public offerings) of stock, ADRs and BDRs, and private placements
  • Public offerings of debentures, commercial promissory notes, bonds, and other debt securities (including securitization securities - CRAs and CRIs, infrastructure debentures, green bonds, and other sustainability-linked securities), both in Brazil and abroad
  • Mergers and acquisitions, public tender offers (OPAs), corporate reorganizations, private capital increases (rights offerings), and other corporate operations involving publicly traded companies
  • Debt securities renegotiations, such as debentures and promissory notes, including participation in general investor meetings
  • Registration and deregistration of publicly traded companies
  • Advisory on regulations applicable to publicly traded companies and corporate governance issues (including ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance topics)
  • Defense and representation in administrative proceedings before the CVM
  • Participation in general meetings, board meetings, disclosure and approval materials, various inquiries regarding corporate law and CVM regulations
  • Authorization processes and constitution of entities regulated by the CVM

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