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Commercial Promotions

Legal solutions for successful campaigns

With an experienced and results-oriented legal team, we are ready to assist your company in successfully conducting commercial promotions, live marketing, capitalization title campaigns, and incentive campaigns. 

Our approach involves a deep understanding of your company's goals and strategies, allowing us to tailor our legal services to meet the unique needs of our clients, from drafting promotion regulations in compliance with current legislation to resolving complex contractual issues. Additionally, we provide strategic advice to ensure that your marketing campaigns comply with all legal standards and regulations, minimizing risks and protecting your brand. 

We provide effective and customized solutions. Whether you are planning a major marketing campaign or need ongoing legal assistance, we are here to help your company achieve success safely and efficiently. Contact us to discover how we can support your commercial promotion initiatives. 

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Legal support in drafting and/or reviewing day-to-day contracts, general inquiries in the civil area, and support to the client's internal legal team
  • Assistance in the development and analysis of promotional mechanics
  • Preparation of Operational Plans and Regulations
  • Analysis of the documentation required for approval by the Ministry of Finance/SECAP for Authorized Campaigns (Commercial Promotions)
  • Monitoring throughout the entire process of processing Commercial Promotions with the Ministry of Finance/SECAP
  • Review and guidance on campaign communication materials
  • Clarification of any campaign-related doubts during its execution
  • Evaluation of consumer inquiries related to the campaign via Customer Service (SAC), as well as assistance in drafting suggested responses (excluding litigation, administrative, and/or judicial sphere of action)
  • Assistance in reporting for authorized Commercial Promotions
  • Support in the development and monitoring of Capitalization Title campaigns
  • Support in the development and monitoring of loyalty programs
  • Support in the development and monitoring of incentive campaigns and commercial actions (e.g., Cashback, buy-and-get)

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