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D&I Special Projects

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Making the workplace more inclusive 

FAS Advogados boasts a specialised division dedicated to implementing affirmative projects aimed at promoting social inclusion, diversity and equality in workplace environments. 

Our team is equipped to handle various issues related to quotas for individuals with disabilities as well as apprenticeship contracts. We provide our clients with comprehensive and preventive consultancy services, which range from establishing diversity committees to organising meetings and discussions surrounding everyday company concerns. 

We also provide advisory services during inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Labour Public Prosecutor's Office, in both out-of-court and court proceedings. To help clients navigate the regulatory environment and promote a diverse and welcoming workplace, we continue to provide comprehensive legal advice and strategic support. 

Areas of Expertise 

• Preventive consultancy related to disability quotas and apprenticeship contracts law

• Preventive consultancy for the formation of diversity committees within companies and organization of meetings to discuss day-to-day matters related to these issues

• Support during inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) and the Labor Public Prosecutor's Office (MPT) in judicial and extrajudicial procedures