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In the Corporate and Governance Law area, we provide assistance to various companies on matters related to corporate legislation, whether they are of high complexity or everyday affairs. Our team has multidisciplinary expertise, which is essential as corporate issues often have an impact on other legal domains.

In the corporate day-to-day operations, our team assists in the establishment, maintenance, and closure of companies, including the drafting of various corporate documents (minutes, contracts, and bylaws), actively participating even in general meetings when necessary. This includes the drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements and the structuring of corporate governance. We also prepare opinions involving technical matters, such as conflicts of interest, and transactions with related parties, among others.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in structuring estate, corporate, and succession planning, as well as in structuring incentive plans, whether short or long-term, considering the evolving market needs to attract and retain professionals, always attentive to discussions and decisions on this matter. We assist our clients in fulfilling their legal obligations, including support in integration processes resulting from M&A transactions and other corporate operations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Shareholders' or Stockholders' Agreements, whether during an M&A transaction or not
  • Corporate governance
  • Incentive programs, whether long or short term (partnership, stock options, or others)
  • Structuring of investments and businesses in Brazil for foreign companies
  • Corporate routines, from the formation of companies in general, compliance with legal norms, to their closure
  • Corporate Reorganizations (mergers, spin-offs, incorporations, asset transfers, roll-ups)
  • Corporate, succession, and estate planning
  • General contracts, both domestic and international